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English and indonesian translation from dhammacitta. very meaningful lyric

Prolog : “By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” —  Confucius


An unconditional heart brings great blessings with no boundary.
Hati yang tak berkondisi membawa berkah luar biasa yang tak melekat.

Without boundaries, our fragile lives are all connected through love.
Tanpa kemelekatan, hidup kita yang rapuh terhubung oleh cinta seluruhnya.

Why do you turn a blind eye and let yourselves be restricted by the status quo?
Mengapa kau menjadi gelap mata dan membiarkan dirimu dibatasi oleh pandangan umum?

Willingly, I finally come to my senses to realize my character and my emptiness.
Dengan sepenuh hati, akhirnya aku kembali kepada kesadaranku serta menyadari karakter dan kekosonganku.


Let go of your inverted dreams, let go of the things which will one day fade away.
Lepaskanlah segala impianmu yang fana, lepaskanlah segala hal yang suatu hari akan menghilang.

Let go of your leisure, desire, pleasure, and let go of suspense.
Lepaskanlah kemewahan, keinginan, kesenangan, dan lepaskanlah ketegangan.

With one more thing in hand, more danger will follow.
Dengan lebih banyak harta di tangan, maka lebih banyak bahaya yang mengikuti.

With less things, greed will lessen as well.
Dengan lebih sedikit harta, maka lebih sedikit pula keserakahan.

If this is fate, no matter how bitter life can be you are always contented.
Jika ini memang takdir, tak peduli seberapa keras hidup ini, kau akan selalu puas.

Yet if it isn’t, just bury this love in your heart.
Namun meskipun tidak mampu, tetap tanamkanlah cinta ini di hatimu.

In this live of ours, everything’s interconnected, and it takes only a split second to look back.
Di dalam hidup kita ini, segalanya berkaitan satu sama lain, dan hanya butuh sekejap saja untuk melihatnya kembali.

Let me plant a seed of good will and walk down this road of life together with you.
Biarkan aku menanamkan benih kebaikan dan menjalani hidup ini bersamamu.


Only someone whose heart is not bounded can accomplish great things.
Hanya seseorang yang hatinya tidak melekat lah yang dapat mencapai sesuatu yang luar biasa.

Only someone whose heart does not have a story is indigenous above all.
Hanya seseorang yang hatinya tidak memiliki cerita lagi lah yang sebenarnya paling tinggi dari kita semua.

I’ve considered heaven and earth, and I’ve considered everything from my past.
Aku telah memikirkan kembali surga dan bumi, dan aku telah merenungkan semua dari masa laluku.

Yet I still cannot make out the days of life and death.
Tapi aku masih tidak bisa menjalani hari-hari kehidupan dan kematian.

Do not hate your eyes which deceive you.
Janganlah membenci matamu yang menipumu.

Do not resent, for happiness is not far away.
Janganlah mendendam, karena kebahagiaan tidaklah jauh.

As thoughts are built around your desires, it only takes a split second to decide between good and evil.
Sebagaimana pikiran terbentuk berdasarkan keinginanmu, hanya butuh waktu sekejap saja untuk memutuskan diantara kebaikan dan kejahatan.

With a heart of repentance, let me walk down this road of life together with you.
Dengan hati yang penuh tobat, biarkanlah aku menjalani hidup ini bersama denganmu.


No matter how firm your lies may be, they cannot escape the justice of God.
Tak peduli seberapa sempurna kebohonganmu, mereka tetap tidak bisa lari dari keadilan Tuhan.

Before dawn, your heart is being dragged further away.
Sebelum senja, hatimu telah terbawa jauh pergi.

As the clouds are able to blind our eyes in an instant, so do human hearts change.
Sebagaimana awan dapat membutakan matamu dalam sekejap, begitu pula hati manusia dapat berubah.

Bitterness have been accumulated since long before, and is bound to keep coming.
Penderitaan telah bertumpuk sejak lama, dan tetap berulang tak terputuskan.


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apologize theme

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big girls don’t cry

Imagine a perfect relationship. A relationship full of love, passion, respect, tolerance, understanding. Imagine that you wake up to sweet good mornings and go to bed after a good night kiss. Every single day. 365 days a year. No exceptions. No failures.


Imagine that a simple smile of the person you love is brightening up your day. And the way they look at you takes your breath away. And the soft touch of their hands makes you realize that they will never let you fall.

Imagine that you have someone who you would like to share hard times with. Someone you want to have beside you in a storm. Someone, who you know won’t let you down, won’t betray your trust. Someone who knows who you are, accepts all your faults and loves you anyway. Someone who sees your heart and touches your soul.

Imagine that your fairy tale finally has come true and you are happy. You really are. Really. Are. Happy.

And each time when you whisper “I love you”, you remind yourself that this is the best that ever happened to you. And you don’t want to let it go.


Imagine the state of absolute overwhelming happiness. Where ‘happily ever after’ seems to be the truth of your life. Where the sky is always blue and the sun is always bright. Where the rain is always ending with a rainbow. And where you wake up and are thankful to the Universe for making your dream come true.

Have you imagined all this? Have you really seen the unalloyed happiness? Have you witnessed this kind of beautiful love?

Now imagine that there is no ‘happily ever after’. There is no future. There is no eternal bliss. There is nothing. Only emptiness.

Because this perfect relationship has to end. Because due to circumstances no matter how great and awesome and wonderful and amazing and true your love is, one day you will have to let go. Because there are things you can’t control. Because life has its own rules. And because you can’t win all the games. And because of all this one fine day you have to let go of something so perfect, something so real. You have to let go of your dream.

melted%20heart Big Girls Dont Cry

Because at some point you can’t afford having a relationship which leads you nowhere. At some point you need to settle down and move on. No matter how big your love is. No matter how happy you are.

At some point you’ve got to take this decision and accept that fairy tales don’t always have happy endings. And yours is just one of them.

But how do you do this? How do you end something which makes you happy? Which makes both of you happy. How do you let go of something which makes you smile, something which makes you live, something which makes you dream.

It is like heart surgery.

But the heart is yours.
And the surgeon is you.
And the outcome is unpredictable.

So how do you decide for a surgery if you still have this tiny bit of hope that things might work out. That circumstances will favor you and life suddenly changes its rules. How do you make a decision of cutting your own heart if your fairy tale has a small chance of a happy end? Even if your practical mind realizes it isn’t going to happen. HOW?

Someone once said that having a moment of true happiness is worth a lifetime of sorrows. How do you decide when to end this moment of happiness? How do you choose the date for breaking your own heart? And for how long you can be living in confusion and wondering about your own decisions.

The decisions about FOREVER.
FOREVER that you don’t have.

You want to be happy. And you want them to be happy too. You want to be happy together.

The bitter truth of life says you can’t. The sweet hope of yours says you might.

You have to make a decision. Not about whether to cut or not. But about when to cut. Now or later. Either ways it will hurt. Either ways it will be tough.

Whoever said big girls don’t cry, was mistaken.

They do.

Big Girls Don’t Cry is a post from: The Colors Magazine

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disney love quotes

I’d rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you. -Pocahontas

You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you, Peter Pan. That’s where I’ll be waiting. -Peter Pan

I knew at once that you were meant for me. Deep in my soul I know that I’m your destiny. – Mulan

Trust your heart and let fate decide.  – Tarzan

From way up here, it’s crystal clear that now I’m in a whole new world with you. – Aladdin

There may be something there that wasn’t there before.  – Beauty and the Beast

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precious moments

We were given: Two hands to hold. To legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find.

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice but falling in love with you I had no control over.

When you are in Love you can’t fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams

They say loving you gives pains and full of sacrifices But I’ll rather take pains and lots of sacrifices than not to be love by you.

You can’t blame gravity for falling in love. -Albert Einstein

I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love. -Mother Teresa

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hey,read it!

You by Switchfoot

There’s always something
In the way
There’s always something
Getting through
But it’s not me
it’s You

Sometime’s ignorance
Rings true
But hope is not in
What I know
Not in me
It’s in You

It’s all I know

And I find peace
When I’m confused
I find hope when
I’m let down
Not in me
But in You

I hope to lose myself
For good
I hope to find it in the end
Not in me
It’s You
It’s all I know

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kami sayang padamu

Apalagi yang kau cari?

Kurang pedulikah kami padamu..

Kurang sayangkah kami padamu..

Kami bertahan karena cinta

Jangan karena cinta pula, kau tidak peduli pada kami

Seberat apapun masalahmu, tetap hanya kami yang akan membantumu memikul bebannya

Sejauh apapun kau “pergi”, tetap..

Di sisi kami lah, kau akan kembali

Karena kami selalu berdiri di sini, menanti kau “pulang” bersama kami

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